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How to Conjugate Remercier (to Thank)

How to Conjugate Remercier (to Thank) The French verb remercier means to thank. You may see that merci is in the center of the word: Merci, of course, is how you say thanks in French.   How to Conjugate the French Verb Remercier Remercier follows the conjugation pattern of regular -er verbs. As you do when conjugating regular verbs, you drop the infinitive ending from the verb to find the stem (remerci-) and add the ending appropriate of the subject pronoun and tense. The charts below will help you conjugate remercier. Present Future Imperfect Present participle je remercie remercierai remerciais remerciant tu remercies remercieras remerciais il remercie remerciera remerciait nous remercions remercierons remerciions vous remerciez remerciez remerciiez ils remercient remercieront remerciaient Subjunctive Conditional Pass simple Imperfect subjunctive je remercie remercierais remerciai remerciasse tu remercies remercierais remercias remerciasses il remercie remercierait remercia remercit nous remerciions remercierions remercimes remerciassions vous remerciiez remercieriez remercites remerciassiez ils remercient remercieraient remercirent remerciassent Imperative (tu) remercie (nous) remercions (vous) remerciez How to Use Remercier in the Past Tense The passà © simple is a literary tense, meaning its not used in conversation. To render a verb in the past tense, youll most commonly use the compound passà © composà ©. The passà © composà © requires an  auxiliary verb  and a  past participle: The auxiliary verb for remercier is  avoir  and the past participle is remercià ©.   For example: Elle lui a remercià © pour le livre.  She thanked him for the book.

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Business Ethics Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Business Ethics - Article Example This week federal prosecutors arrested two men who were involved in merger and acquisition and secretly informing partners for over 17 years. They had made millions of dollars. 2. Surrounded with such large stakes of money in such big projects, is it possible to blame such individual traders for transferring inside information and getting a fee? Martha Stewart was busted for trading inside information. Trading firms have compliance departments to keep an eye on the patterns of their traders. When people do make a lot of money suddenly they tend to spend it. Is there any argument that could support this kind of behavior? 3. No, this activity is a clear violation of ethics. One can look at Aristotelian ethics which expresses virtue for the individual as a way of obtaining happiness. In this case virtue is acquiring and showing one's best skill in their profession. For agents and brokers in the merger and acquisition business, one of those skills is trustworthiness. To trade on insider information becomes a stark violation of Aristotelian ethics. The violator should go to jail. Jessica Hall, Greed and technology tempt insider trading culprits. Accessed from

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Haydn's Baryton Trios Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Haydn's Baryton Trios - Essay Example This instrument is related to the bass viol, and besides the six or seven strings over its fingerboard has another set of strings attached underneath. These serve a double function: they sound in sympathetic vibration with the upper strings and may also be played pizzicato by the performer's left thumb, the neck of the baryton being open at the back. A viola, replaced by a violin in three works, and a cello supply the remaining voices. These trios in three movements are carefully elaborated and prove that Haydn knew how to produce works of art, even when forced to something like mass production. Quotations and arrangements from the composer's own symphonies and operas, and even from Gluck, may have amused his august patron (Brandenburg, 1998, p. 27). Contemporary sources vary in their estimates of the merits of the instrument. Whereas Friedrich August Weber, a physician who was one of the most spirited musical writers of the time, praised it saying, "One seems to hear the gamba and harp at the same time," and confesses that he "was moved to tears" by its sounds, Dr. Burney, in discussing the performance of the baryton virtuoso, Andreas Lidl, who had been in the service of Prince Eszterhzy before going to London, writes: "Mr. Lidl played with exquisite taste and expression upon this ungrateful instrument, which has the additional embarrassment of base [sic] strings at the back of the neck and he accompanied himself with these; an admirable expedient in a desert, or even in a house, where there is but one musician, but to have the bother of accompanying yourself in a great concert, surrounded by idle per- formers who could take the trouble off your hands, and leave them more at liberty to execute, express, and embellish the princi ple melody, seemed at best a work of supererogation" (cited in Elson, 1927, p. 43). Modern listeners, for their part, admire the characteristic features in these remarkable works: the occasional derivation of subsidiary subjects from the main ideas, intricate contrapuntal devices, interesting harmonic progressions, and delightful sound effects achieved with the baryton's peculiar pizzicato (prescribed by numbers in the score): the frequent attempts to arrange baryton trios for conventional string trio have unfortunately proved a failure, as the pieces need the baryton's distinctive sound. And what a failure. Historically speaking, the instrument was the favorite of Prince Nikolaus Esterhzy who demanded that his musical servant compose zillions of pieces for it. Curiously, it isn't so much the presence of the baryton that has prevented greater exposure for these delightful octets (the part can be played on any suitable stringed instrument of similar range), but rather the atrocious difficultly of the two horn parts. Haydn demands that his wind players execute insanely acrobatic figurations at both the extreme top and bottom of their range, and this extraordinary wind sonority gives these works much of their sonic allure (Wellesz & Sternfeld, 1973, p. 129). Nevertheless because of restricted usage, the baryton music was usually unpublished originally. Haydn's twenty-one works in SS/- or SA/bass setting, four of which are now lost, stem from his earliest creative periods. Called "divertimento" and "trio" in the source MSS, those that were published appeared chiefly as "Sonates en trio" These "trios" are relatively slight and objective, but as

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Alcohol Beverage Essay Example for Free

Alcohol Beverage Essay Throughout the history of television, viewers have raised many questions about alcohol advertising. How is advertising affecting us? Does it have an impact on alcohol abuse or alcohol related disease and death? Does advertising influence alcohol consumption? In this essay, I will mainly concentrate on why such alcoholic advertisements should be restricted; and to what extent should any governments be able to control advertising. My personal opinion that I maintain is that I agree with having restrictions on alcoholic beverages’ advertisements on TV, by focusing more on responsible drinking and on problems that drinking causes every year because of irresponsibility of its consumer. I also stand by my opinion because young people are negatively affected by those ads, since there are no messages for responsible action while drinking. Moreover, statistics show that alcohol-related admissions to hospital in United States have reached 20% in 1995. With other words, most of cases sent to our hospitals were alcohol related, which potentially leads to violence, accidents and health issues. Alcohol is thought to cause thirty thousand premature deaths a year. Therefore, it may cause physical and mental harm to its consumers. The two main media tools that help advertising for alcohol are Televised programs and radio channels. These giant corporations make millions of dollars advertising for alcoholic beverages with having minimal advices on responsible drinking and reckless behaviors that can be caused primarily because of it. My personal believe is that too excessive exposure to alcoholic advertisement can increase consumption and influence peoples attitudes towards alcohol especially for youngster as they have not formed the correct understanding of it. In order to prevent the large amount of alcoholic advertising that appears on media, over the last few decades, government have set far stricter guidelines and regulations concerning alcohol. Some of these limitations and restrictions are particularly made for advertising for alcoholic drinks. Some of these restrictions include limiting the timing of advertisements on television and allow alcohol related ads to be displayed only after 10:00pm, which will avoid youth exposure to it. Nowadays, Alcohol advertisement is at its peak on sport events. This is why prohibiting the liquor company from being the official sponsor in sport must be considered. As Professor Gilmore said, limitations should include alcohol sponsorship in sport, as the alcohol was being advertised 24 hours a day. Besides, the contents of advertisement should be restricted, images like violence and potential crime should be forbidden, as it is easy for young people doing the same things that show on television. On the other hand, both in public and private sectors are responsible in joining their efforts to help to set out limitations and restrict alcohol promotion and sales through ads. For instance, clubs should abolish the unlimited drinks to a certain time only with fixed amount of money, and restrict underage people from being exposed to a place where alcohol is heavily consumed. Besides, the price should be increased to reduce the alcohol consumption and alcohol producers should develop a new production line, as an alternative to replace alcohol. Now, alcohol has spread in our culture and society and became the symbol of fun and pleasure. Its consumption has increased more than ever did in mankind history and their effects are increasing with it as well. Advertising for alcohol is not only encouraging our youth to drink more which will affect their health but also promotes reckless and irresponsible behaviors associated with its consumption. Our government is more aware of the seriousness of this issue than ever, however further laws and restrictions must take place in the future in order to decrease its negative effects.

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Essay --

When an individual relates to the Bible and refers as God as an ultimate power and a divine power, it would be identical to Judaism. Learning about Judaism has put a whole different perspective on my outlook of life because it doesn’t mean that Christian’s only believe in God, Jews do also. Their services and rituals are very similar to Christianity but not identical. From the experience of going to Beth El Temple, I noticed differences right away. Walking in, a person of authority, not sure who it was, greeted everyone passing through the doors. I felt very welcomed and I felt like I didn’t stand out at all. One thing that greatly stood out to me was the way every individual dressed up. All the men were dressed up in suits and ties or bowties with the usual yamaka. All women had nice sundresses on that covered their shoulders and if it didn’t they had a shawl on that did cover their shoulders. Up at the bimah, instead of usually one priest in Christianity, there were two Rabbi’s and a musician playing the guitar and singing. The two Rabbi’s start off the ceremony saying â€Å"Shabbot Shalom†, which I’m pretty sure means welcome to all or hello. After the Rabbi’s say it to the audience and the audience, including myself, says it back they sing a song similar to us Christian’s : â€Å"Allel ujah†. As many also see in videos of Jews saying prayer or singing a song, many get into it and move their whole body in a rhythm. After this song ended, this service was special because two boys were going to get bar mitzvahed. After these boys are introduced, everyone greets each other so there are no strangers. Next they sing another song called â€Å"Matto Bu† which is words of blessing given by God. After this song they say that individuals of Judaism c... ...any others have the same views as me and I like that. Me: What is the most challenging aspect of being a member of this religion? Jason: The most difficult part of belonging to this religion is how it is not accepted by most of today’s society. Most individuals make fun of me for being Jewish because the Holocaust. Personally, I think it has nothing to do with the extermination of many Jews. Being Jewish is mostly about faith, and going through the suffering to get to the higher power and achieving the ultimate goal. In conclusion, I did not realize how in-depth another religion could be and how similar it could be to my own religion. Many individuals should be open to this religion because it is very similar in a lot of ways. I feel like if we worship the same God and all have the same destination, there shouldn’t be any social problems in today’s society.

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My Ideal Job as a Teacher

ECONOMIC Impact of business Closure in Claiborne County, Mississippi Abstract Historically Claiborne and other counties in the region depended on small-scale agriculture and was an attractive location for light manufacturing. Today, many of these advantages have been lost and firms that made up the bulk of the economic activities in the areas are disappearing in large numbers. Hence, per capita income falls and people migrate to more prosperous areas, leaving the region deeply depressed. Using descriptive as well as inferential methods to analyze data, results show interesting trends, especially with regard to business migration.Socioeconomic variable are largely responsible for business closure that have seriously devastated the economic well-being of the county. This means that every effort should be made to improve social conditions and improve the educational system. ECONOMIC Impact of Business Closure in Claiborne County, Mississippi Introduction: Traditionally, Mississippi is o ne of the poorest states in the United States with agriculture as the mainstay of the economy. It is the second in the nation in cotton production exceeded only by Texas.Mississippi is also the world’s largest producer of pond-raised catfish and the leading shrimp producing state in the U. S. A. The comparative underdevelopment of the state has been worsened in recent years by the closure of several manufacturing businesses both during the periods of economic boom and especially so during the economic downturn. Hypothesis: The general objective of this study is to establish predominant reasons for the closure of major jobs providing industries in Claiborne County. I believe the general cause of business closure is that per capita income dictates the purchasing power of the community which does impact business losure based on information obtained from former business owners. Materials: 1. Listing of former business (Port Gibson Main Street) 2. Former Business Owners 3. Data fr om local school district 4. Data from United States Census Bureau 5. Spread sheet Procedure: 1. Interviewed former business owners 2. Obtained data from my local school district 3. Obtained data from Mississippi Unemployment Commission 3. Obtained data from the United States Census Bureau 4. Complied data Results: Per capital income, unemployment rate, graduation and poverty rate all are significant for Claiborne County.However, while other factors may be instrumental in promoting business development and retention, socioeconomic variable play a crucial role and should not be underestimated in policy decisions geared at attracting and retaining businesses in Claiborne County, Mississippi. Conclusion: In my conclusion, concerns for improvement in quality of rural communities are forced on business development. Many rural communities are normally classed by weak economies due to their dependency on agro based and externally owned businesses. The survival of businesses, especially smal l scale business has positive impact on the rural economies.Therefore, business closure is a major constraint to economic growth and should be avoided at all cost. With a better understanding that the main contributing factors to business failure in Claiborne County are of social and economic nature, greater effort can be made to improve these conditions; to not only attract new businesses, but to retain them after they have been established. Map showing location of Claiborne County [pic] Conceptual Model Per Capita Income: Changes in Per Capita Income reflect economic development in a community. Unemployment Rate:Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant is one of the largest employers located in this county. Very few other business entities have come to the area. As with several surrounding cities and neighborhoods, the recent closing and downsizing of businesses have made the unemployment rates increase. Poverty Rate: The rate of poverty is an important social indicator of the well-being of America’s poor. It is also a useful tool to help shape Federal policies aimed at helping the needy. Poverty still remains a problem in many communities especially in rural areas. High School Graduation Rate:Human capital development in terms of formal education is a important tool for community development. It has become a strategy for community restructuring. Increasing changes in the structure of businesses require that some level of formal education be attained. The levels of education in rural communities are however dismal. ———————– Business Closure Business Failure in Claiborne County Lead To: Poverty Rate Unemployment Rate Per Capita Income High School Graduation Rate Poor Housing Infrastructure Low Economic Well-being of Residents Low Labor Force Migration Poor Schools and Other Infrastructure

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The Arkansaw Bear - A One-Act Play

In The Arkansaw Bear, Tish, a little girl, is upset over the impending death of her beloved grandfather. Her mother and great aunt, both voiceover roles, do not want her to see her grandfather dying in a hospital bed. She runs away from them and reaches a beautiful tree where she makes a wish on a star called Star Bright. Star Bright arranges for Tish to meet two members of a traveling circus—a Mime and the World’s Greatest Dancing Bear. The Bear is old and fleeing from something neither Tish nor the Mime can see. It turns out that The Ringmaster, an incarnation of death, is searching for the World’s Greatest Dancing Bear to take him to the â€Å"center ring.† Together the characters learn that death does not have to be final. The skills and stories that one generation passes on to the next, generation after generation, become a form of immortality. Aurand Harris (1915-1996) was a prolific children’s playwright. He specialized in tackling difficult topics, such as the death of a loved one in The Arkansaw Bear, and discussing those topics on stage. His characters use gentle language and many of his productions notes are about making costumes, sets, and lighting non-threatening. For example, a lighting note in The Arkansas Bear is, â€Å"Never is the stage dark, eerie, or frightening.† For the Mime character, he notes, â€Å"He is not in white face, but his face is natural, friendly, and expressive.† In the notes in his 29-page play, Harris instructs directors that there should be no masks or grotesque make-up. The young audience members should find the whole experience a welcoming, gentle, and encouraging place. Harris’s does not want a child’s fear of and confusion about death compounded with a scary mask or dark stage. Setting: Somewhere in Arkansas Time: The present Cast Size: This play can accommodate 6 actors plus 3 voiceover roles. Male Characters: 5* Female Characters: 1 Female Voiceover Roles: 2 Characters that may be played by either males or females: 3* *The script denotes the male roles as him/he, but it may be possible to have females play the roles of Star Bright, The Ring Master, or Mime. Roles Tish is a little girl who is confused and frightened for her grandfather. She is his â€Å"chip off the old block.† She is seeking a way to make peace with this major event in her life. Star Bright is the first star out in the night. He takes pride in granting wishes. Sometimes he must be subtle about granting the wish, as in helping Tish see that she keeps her grandfather alive by being his chip off the old block. Sometimes he can grant a wish through sheer power as when he traps death in a tree until the World’s Greatest Dancing Bear can teach all his dances to Little Bear. Mime is the friend and assistant of the World’s Greatest Dancing Bear. He speaks no words but is understood by everyone. He is sad to see his best friend go to the center ring and to know that Tish is losing her grandfather, but he is determined to help them both through to the end. World’s Greatest Dancing Bear is the descendant of a prima ballerina bear from Spain and his father was Russia’s greatest dancing bear. He has earned medals for his dancing and has danced for presidents and royalty all over the world. He is scared of The Ringmaster/death but more scared of seeing his life’s work disappear. The Ring Master is a grand figure. He is not evil or biased in any way. He even allows the group a few spare hours to train Little Bear. In the end, he has a show to put on and it is the World’s Greatest Dancing Bear’s cue. Little Bear is a young bear that has lost both his father and grandfather. His mother has urged him to keep on living since that is the best way to say goodbye to loved ones. He agrees to learn the older bear’s dances in order to honor all of his loved ones and become The Arkansaw Bear. Voiceovers: Mother, Aunt Ellen, Announcer Content Issues: Death In this video, see some clips of a production that used child actors. The Arkansaw Bear and many of Aurand Harris’s other plays may be ordered through Dramatic Publishing. It can also be found in the book, Theatre for Youth: Twelve Plays with Mature Themes, edited by Coleman A. Jennings and Gretta Berghammer.